Simply Collective Worship is a four year set of assemblies and thoughts for the day for primary schools. The full planned scheme is designed to support and develop important individual and community values whilst helping schools to meet the legal requirements.

Big thanks to Phil for creating our website. We gave him our initial ideas and he created something that was far better than we could have imagined… Brilliant! I have and will continue to recommended him to others.

Phil Lord – Founder

The Design

Phil contacted me requesting a website for his new business. The logo branding had already been compleated by artist, Morgan Hebner. I designed the website using the colours from the character drawings which worked perfectly. This site contains videos, order forms, invoices and much more! Big thank you to Phil for letting me work on this project.

Minimal Icons

Minimal icons have been created for downloads and bookmarking purposes, this will help users find the website easier via their bookmarks or browser tabs.

Website Preview

The following screenshots have been taken with a MacBook.

Mobile Friendly

This website has been built to be easily accesible on all devices; such as tablets, smartphones and iPhones.