Our Wedding Day

It’s been almost two weeks since myself and Joi officially became husband and wife. A couple of days before our wedding we had some unfortunate news regarding the colouring for the cake, we were concerned the order wouldn’t get to us in time for our friend Holly to bake the cake. Joi’s car has also been off the road for almost two months, so getting around has been a little difficult. Unfortunately, some people we love had to cancel attending our special day due to personal circumstances. Despite these complications, all turned out fine.

When the day arrived, everything went according to plan. It had been raining a few days prior our special day, but within an hour before our wedding took place, the sky cleared with the sun shining bright. Our food and cake were very tasty too! Overall, myself and Joi were more than happy with how our wedding day turned out. We both ended the day as husband and wife, that’s the most important part.

The Cake

The wedding cake was baked and decorated by our friend Holly. Holly made us many samples of cupcakes to try earlier this year to see which we liked best, she worked hard to make sure we were happy with how our cake looked and tasted. The final result was amazing! Big thank you to Holly for taking the time to bake our wedding cake!

Hobbit Steps

Big thanks to Ryan who made my steps, they’re awesome! The steps fitted in well with the Hobbit aesthetic. Ryan creates all kinds of cool stuff out of wood, you should check out his Facebook business page, Wreckless Woods.

My outfit

My grandmother is a pro with a needle and thread, big thanks to her for adjusting my pants, she’s been adjusting my clothes since I was a child. Without her help I’d have been wearing baggy pants for the wedding!

Our Photos

The wedding photos were taken by our friends Laura and Heather. Huge thanks to both of them for taking great pictures of our special day.

Luke & Rebecca

These guys worked hard on putting together our wedding script, we both thank you very much for your time putting this together for us. Big thank you for being our wedding officiants too.

Wedding CD

Myself and Joi chose songs together to create a wedding CD as part of the wedding favors. We had our friend, Beck coordinate and make copies of the playlist onto CD’s, thank you Beck!

Everyone Else

To all other family and friends who helped and supported us with our relationship and wedding plans, myself and Joi thank you all very much for your time and support, without your help we would have struggled preparing our special day.

Full photoshoot of our wedding can be found via our family website, inloveandlusted.

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