About Me

Hello! I’m Phil, a freelance web designer based in North Wales, UK. I have been designing and maintaining websites for 4 years. I’ve been privileged to work with clients all over the globe. I love my job!

When I’m not building websites, I enjoy spending time with my wife and child, watching plenty of Netflix, attending and cosplaying at comic conventions. I also like to write blog articles on parenting, disability awareness and my daily life.

Facts About Me

Jesus follower

Pizza & tea addict

Manchester United fan

Final Fantasy fan

MacBook user

Lover of alternative music

Game of Thrones lover

My Condition

I know people sometimes get curious about me when they notice I am not average height. The condition I was diagnosed with at birth is called Diastrophic Dysplaysia, which is a rare form of dwarfism. I stopped growing at a young age which has left me standing 3ft in height.

My condition doesn’t stop me from living a normal, happy life. I don’t let my dwarfism get in the way of my daily life activities and goals.